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remove debugging/testing code that got here by mistake

parent 05ca104e
......@@ -16,7 +16,6 @@ TcSplice: Template Haskell splices
module TcSplice( kcSpliceType, tcSpliceExpr, tcSpliceDecls, tcBracket,
todoSession, todoTcM,
runQuasiQuoteExpr, runQuasiQuotePat, runAnnotation ) where
#include "HsVersions.h"
......@@ -83,65 +82,6 @@ import GHC.Desugar ( AnnotationWrapper(..) )
import GHC.Exts ( unsafeCoerce#, Int#, Int(..) )
import System.IO.Error
--here for every bad reason :-)
import InstEnv
import FamInstEnv
todoSession :: HscEnv -> Name -> IO (Messages, Maybe (LHsDecl RdrName))
todoSession hsc_env name
= initTcPrintErrors hsc_env iNTERACTIVE $
setInteractiveContext hsc_env (hsc_IC hsc_env) $
todoTcM name
todoTcM :: Name -> TcM (LHsDecl RdrName)
todoTcM name = do
tcTyThing <- TcEnv.tcLookup name
thInfo <- TcSplice.reifyThing tcTyThing
let Just thDec = thGetDecFromInfo thInfo --BUG!
let Right [hsdecl] = Convert.convertToHsDecls
(error "srcspan of different package?")
return hsdecl
thGetDecFromInfo :: TH.Info -> Maybe TH.Dec
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.ClassI dec) = Just dec
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.ClassOpI {}) = error "classop"
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.TyConI dec) = Just dec
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.PrimTyConI {}) = Nothing --error "sometimes we can invent a signature? or it's better not to?"
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.DataConI {}) = error "datacon"
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.VarI _name _type (Just dec) _fixity) = Just dec
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.VarI _name _type Nothing _fixity) = error "vari"
thGetDecFromInfo (TH.TyVarI {}) = Nothing --tyvars don't have decls? they kinda have a type though...
setInteractiveContext :: HscEnv -> InteractiveContext -> TcRn a -> TcRn a
setInteractiveContext hsc_env icxt thing_inside
= let -- Initialise the tcg_inst_env with instances from all home modules.
-- This mimics the more selective call to hptInstances in tcRnModule.
(home_insts, home_fam_insts) = hptInstances hsc_env (\_mod -> True)
updGblEnv (\env -> env {
tcg_rdr_env = ic_rn_gbl_env icxt,
tcg_inst_env = extendInstEnvList (tcg_inst_env env) home_insts,
tcg_fam_inst_env = extendFamInstEnvList (tcg_fam_inst_env env)
}) $
tcExtendGhciEnv (ic_tmp_ids icxt) $
-- tcExtendGhciEnv does lots:
-- - it extends the local type env (tcl_env) with the given Ids,
-- - it extends the local rdr env (tcl_rdr) with the Names from
-- the given Ids
-- - it adds the free tyvars of the Ids to the tcl_tyvars
-- set.
-- later ids in ic_tmp_ids must shadow earlier ones with the same
-- OccName, and tcExtendIdEnv implements this behaviour.
do { traceTc (text "setIC" <+> ppr (ic_tmp_ids icxt))
; thing_inside }
Note [How top-level splices are handled]
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