Commit b0c44859 authored by wolfgang's avatar wolfgang
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[project @ 2003-02-08 13:34:06 by wolfgang]

Fix a potential crash in the threaded RTS by copying ccall arguments
from the TSO stack to a malloced block before doing the call.
(no changes were made for the non-threaded case)
parent 761af30a
......@@ -1157,8 +1157,19 @@ run_BCO:
int stk_offset = BCO_NEXT;
int o_itbl = BCO_NEXT;
void(*marshall_fn)(void*) = (void (*)(void*))BCO_LIT(o_itbl);
StgTSO *tso = cap->r.rCurrentTSO;
// Threaded RTS:
// Arguments on the TSO stack are not good, because garbage
// collection might move the TSO as soon as we call
// suspendThread below.
void *arguments;
arguments = stgMallocWords(stk_offset,"bci_CCALL");
memcpy(arguments, Sp, sizeof(W_) * stk_offset);
// There are a bunch of non-ptr words on the stack (the
// ccall args, the ccall fun address and space for the
// result), which we need to cover with an info table
......@@ -1176,21 +1187,35 @@ run_BCO:
tok = suspendThread(&cap->r,rtsFalse);
// Careful:
// suspendThread might have shifted the stack
// around (stack squeezing), so we have to grab the real
// Sp out of the TSO to find the ccall args again.
// We don't own the capability anymore, so we mustn't use it.
// Instead, we have to save the TSO ptr beforehand.
// Also note that GC may strike at any time now (from another thread).
// FIXME - DANGER!! Can GC move our TSO?
// If so, we have to copy the args elsewhere!
marshall_fn ( (void*)(tso->sp + RET_DYN_SIZE + sizeofW(StgRetDyn)) );
marshall_fn ( (void*)(cap->r.rCurrentTSO->sp + RET_DYN_SIZE + sizeofW(StgRetDyn)) );
// Threaded RTS:
// We already made a malloced copy of the arguments above.
marshall_fn ( arguments );
// And restart the thread again, popping the RET_DYN frame.
cap = (Capability *)((void *)resumeThread(tok,rtsFalse) - sizeof(StgFunTable));
Sp += RET_DYN_SIZE + sizeofW(StgRetDyn);
// Threaded RTS:
// Copy the "arguments", which might include a return value,
// back to the TSO stack. It would of course be enough to
// just copy the return value, but we don't know the offset.
memcpy(Sp, arguments, sizeof(W_) * stk_offset);
goto nextInsn;
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