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......@@ -1174,16 +1174,22 @@ Note [Specialisation of dictionary functions]
Here is a nasty example that bit us badly: see Trac #3591
class Eq a => C a
instance Eq [a] => C [a]
dfun :: Eq [a] -> C [a]
dfun a d = MkD a d (meth d)
d4 = <blah>
d2 = dfun T d4
d1 = $p1 d2
d3 = dfun T d1
d4 :: Eq [T] = <blah>
d2 :: C [T] = dfun T d4
d1 :: Eq [T] = $p1 d2
d3 :: C [T] = dfun T d1
None of these definitions is recursive. What happened was that we
generated a specialisation:
RULE forall d. dfun T d = dT
RULE forall d. dfun T d = dT :: C [T]
dT = (MkD a d (meth d)) [T/a, d1/d]
= MkD T d1 (meth d1)
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