Commit b921de76 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix build on Windows

gcc couldn't find ghc_boot_platform.h. I'm not sure why it worked on
parent fe0efaaa
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ compiler/stage$1/build/Parser.y: compiler/parser/Parser.y.pp
$$(CPP) $$(RAWCPP_FLAGS) -P $$(compiler_CPP_OPTS) -x c $$< | grep -v '^#pragma GCC' > $$@
compiler/stage$1/build/primops.txt: compiler/prelude/primops.txt.pp compiler/stage$1/$$(PLATFORM_H)
$$(CPP) $$(RAWCPP_FLAGS) -P $$(compiler_CPP_OPTS) -x c $$< | grep -v '^#pragma GCC' > $$@
$$(CPP) $$(RAWCPP_FLAGS) -P $$(compiler_CPP_OPTS) -Icompiler/stage$1 -x c $$< | grep -v '^#pragma GCC' > $$@
ifneq "$$(BootingFromHc)" "YES"
compiler/stage$1/build/primop-data-decl.hs-incl: compiler/stage$1/build/primops.txt $$(GENPRIMOP_INPLACE)
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