Commit baab1204 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Fix type error in 2c207b6f (Compare the kinds of type variables)

parent 0b06d68d
......@@ -768,8 +768,8 @@ checkBootTyCon tc1 tc2
, Just syn_rhs2 <- synTyConRhs_maybe tc2
, Just env <- eqTyVarBndrs emptyRnEnv2 (tyConTyVars tc1) (tyConTyVars tc2)
= ASSERT(tc1 == tc2)
let eqSynRhs SynFamilyTyCon SynFamilyTyCon
= True
let eqSynRhs (SynFamilyTyCon o1 i1) (SynFamilyTyCon o2 i2)
= o1==o2 && i1==i2
eqSynRhs (SynonymTyCon t1) (SynonymTyCon t2)
= eqTypeX env t1 t2
eqSynRhs _ _ = False
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