Commit bf3f0a68 authored by Andrey Mokhov's avatar Andrey Mokhov

Update Hadrian submodule

  * Make shell.nix less broken (hadrian/510)
  * Add --configure flag to the script
  * Undo iserv changes (hadrian/507)
  * Fix ghc-cabal: Parsec modules are now found in libraries/parsec/src (hadrian/506)
  * Move a bunch of types into dedicated modules (hadrian/502)
  * Add --quickjump to Haddock (hadrian/505)
  * Add iserv library (hadrian/504)
  * Merge pull request hadrian/503 from snowleopard/angerman-patch-1
  * Merge pull request hadrian/500 from snowleopard/runtime-deps
  * Fix Hadrian after Cabal changes (hadrian/498)
  * Drop custom logic for Scav_thr and Evac_thr (hadrian/497)
  * Fix Haddock (hadrian/496)
parent 34834234
Subproject commit 63a556382f4b3154ed2ce3a6c8a36f79d9b8e3b1
Subproject commit da397291a9052387862c27c87ec29b6fce2c7d77
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