Commit c26388c0 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1999-10-28 18:11:05 by sof]

When generating C stubs, honour -osuf <x> option
parent 9e076381
......@@ -1470,7 +1470,9 @@ Now the Haskell compiler, C compiler, and assembler
local ($hsc_out_s_stub);
local ($hsc_out_o_stub);
($ofile_s_stub_target = $ofile_c_stub_target) =~ s/\.(.*)$/\.s/;
($ofile_o_stub_target = $ofile_c_stub_target) =~ s/\.(.*)$/\.o/;
($ofile_o_stub_target = $ofile_c_stub_target) =~ s/\.(.*)$//;
$ofile_o_stub_target = &osuf_ify($ofile_o_stub_target, "o");
if ($do_cc) {
&runGcc (0, $ofile_c_stub_target, $ofile_s_stub_target);
&runAs ($ofile_o_stub_target, $ofile_s_stub_target);
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