Commit dc816bae authored by panne's avatar panne
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[project @ 2004-08-30 17:47:36 by panne]

Removed unused function checks
parent aec29010
......@@ -992,12 +992,6 @@ AC_HEADER_TIME
dnl dynamic loading include files
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(dlfcn.h dl.h)
dnl ** check for farcalloc (in bcc)
dnl ** check for valloc (in sunos, solaris, mips, amiga, next, minix, ultrix)
dnl ** check for POSIX regex
AC_CHECK_HEADERS(regex.h,[AC_CHECK_FUNCS(regcomp, [HavePosixRegex=YES])])
......@@ -1159,15 +1153,7 @@ if test "$ac_cv_type_signal" = void; then
dnl ** check for more functions
AC_CHECK_FUNCS([setenv unsetenv])
dnl Note: The following test would make sense but the respective code
dnl doesn't use HAVE_BLAH #ifdefs yet.
dnl AC_CHECK_FUNCS([strcasecmp _stricmp], [break])
dnl AC_CHECK_FUNCS([snprintf _snprintf], [break])
dnl ** check for specific library functions that we are interested in
AC_CHECK_FUNCS(access ftime getclock getpagesize getrusage gettimeofday mktime mprotect readlink setitimer stat lstat siginterrupt symlink sysconf timelocal times vadvise localtime_r gmtime_r readdir_r getgrgid_r getgrnam_r getpwuid_r getpwnam_r)
AC_CHECK_FUNCS([ftime getclock getgrgid_r getgrnam_r getpagesize getpwnam_r getpwuid_r getrusage gettimeofday gmtime_r localtime_r lstat readdir_r readlink setenv setitimer siginterrupt symlink sysconf times unsetenv])
dnl ** Solaris2 needs additionl flag for getpw*_r()
case "$TargetPlatform" in
......@@ -1302,7 +1288,6 @@ else
AC_DEFINE([HAVE_LIBDL], [1], [Define to 1 if you need -ldl to get dlopen().])
LIBS="$LIBS -ldl"],
dnl ** sometimes RTLD_NEXT is hidden in #ifdefs we really don't wan to set
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