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Bale out before renamer errors are duplicated

With the new Haddock patch, renamer errors can be duplicated;
so we want to bale out before doing the Haddock stuff if errors
are found.

(E.g test mod67 shows this up.)
parent c305b14a
......@@ -114,6 +114,10 @@ rnSrcDecls (HsGroup { hs_valds = val_decls,
(rn_default_decls, src_fvs5)
<- mapFvRn (wrapLocFstM rnDefaultDecl) default_decls ;
-- At this point, stop if we have found errors. Otherwise
-- the rnDocEntity stuff reports the errors again.
failIfErrsM ;
rn_docs <- mapM rnDocEntity docs ;
let {
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