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Get External Core (-fext-core) working with readline

Had to add support for dynamic C calls and for foreign labels (Addr#
constants). Actually I only did the printing side -- parsing is not
done yet. But at least now you can build the libraries with -fext-core.

I also got the function arrow to print out properly again (it was
printing fully-qualified and z-coded!)

I also added a field for calling convention name to the External
data constructor in ExternalCore.Exp (for static C calls).

I'm not exactly sure where to document all of this, so I haven't done
that, though I did comment the code a bit.
parent 2011e9b1
......@@ -34,7 +34,9 @@ data Exp
| Case Exp Vbind Ty [Alt] {- non-empty list -}
| Cast Exp Ty
| Note String Exp
| External String Ty
| External String String Ty {- target name, convention, and type -}
| DynExternal String Ty {- convention and type (incl. Addr# of target as first arg) -}
| Label String
data Bind
= Vb Vbind
......@@ -78,10 +80,10 @@ type Qual t = (Mname,t)
type Id = String
primMname = "GHCziPrim"
primMname = "base:GHC.Prim"
tcArrow :: Qual Tcon
tcArrow = (primMname, "ZLzmzgZR")
tcArrow = (primMname, "(->)")
......@@ -105,10 +105,15 @@ make_exp (Var v) =
case globalIdDetails v of
-- a DataConId represents the Id of a worker, which is a varName. -- sof 4/02
-- DataConId _ -> C.Dcon (make_con_qid (Var.varName v))
FCallId (CCall (CCallSpec (StaticTarget nm) _ _)) -> C.External (unpackFS nm) (make_ty (idType v))
FCallId _ -> error "MkExternalCore died: can't handle non-static-C foreign call"
FCallId (CCall (CCallSpec (StaticTarget nm) callconv _))
-> C.External (unpackFS nm) (showSDoc (ppr callconv)) (make_ty (idType v))
FCallId (CCall (CCallSpec DynamicTarget callconv _))
-> C.DynExternal (showSDoc (ppr callconv)) (make_ty (idType v))
FCallId _
-> pprPanic "MkExternalCore died: can't handle non-{static,dynamic}-C foreign call"
(ppr v)
_ -> C.Var (make_var_qid (Var.varName v))
make_exp (Lit (l@(MachLabel s _))) = error "MkExternalCore died: can't handle \"foreign label\" declarations"
make_exp (Lit (l@(MachLabel s _))) = C.Label (unpackFS s)
make_exp (Lit l) = C.Lit (make_lit l)
make_exp (App e (Type t)) = C.Appt (make_exp e) (make_ty t)
make_exp (App e1 e2) = C.App (make_exp e1) (make_exp e2)
......@@ -134,7 +134,9 @@ pexp (Case e vb ty alts) = sep [text "%case" <+> parens (paty ty) <+> paexp e,
$$ (indent (braces (vcat (punctuate (char ';') (map palt alts)))))
pexp (Cast e co) = (text "%cast" <+> pexp e) $$ paty co
pexp (Note s e) = (text "%note" <+> pstring s) $$ pexp e
pexp (External n t) = (text "%external" <+> pstring n) $$ paty t
pexp (External n cc t) = (text "%external" <+> text cc <+> pstring n) $$ paty t
pexp (DynExternal cc t) = (text "%dynexternal" <+> text cc) $$ paty t
pexp (Label n) = (text "%label" <+> pstring n)
pexp e = pfexp e
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