Commit e6218fe7 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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forkProcess(): watch out for ThreadRelocated

parent df85c4b4
......@@ -2149,12 +2149,16 @@ forkProcess(HsStablePtr *entry
// now gone.
for (t = all_threads; t != END_TSO_QUEUE; t = next) {
if (t->what_next == ThreadRelocated) {
next = t->link;
} else {
next = t->global_link;
// don't allow threads to catch the ThreadKilled
// exception, but we do want to raiseAsync() because these
// threads may be evaluating thunks that we need later.
// Empty the run queue. It seems tempting to let all the
// killed threads stay on the run queue as zombies to be
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