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Take advantage of non-rec-ness in occurrence analysis (minor)

parent 902c558c
......@@ -176,9 +176,9 @@ occAnalBind env (Rec pairs) body_usage
| otherwise
= (combined_usage, new_bind : binds_so_far)
total_usage = combineUsageDetails body_usage rhs_usage
(combined_usage, tagged_bndr) = tagBinder total_usage bndr
new_bind = NonRec tagged_bndr rhs'
(body_usage', tagged_bndr) = tagBinder body_usage bndr
combined_usage = combineUsageDetails body_usage' rhs_usage
new_bind = NonRec tagged_bndr rhs'
-- Recursive SCC
do_final_bind (CyclicSCC cycle) (body_usage, binds_so_far)
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