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Update the "Hints for using SMP parallelism" section

In particular, remove the claim that the GC is single-threaded!
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......@@ -2002,19 +2002,20 @@ f "2" = 2
whether your program got faster by using more CPUs or not. If the user
time is greater than
the elapsed time, then the program used more than one CPU. You should
also run the program without <literal>-N</literal> for comparison.</para>
<para>GHC's parallelism support is new and experimental. It may make your
program go faster, or it might slow it down - either way, we'd be
interested to hear from you.</para>
<para>One significant limitation with the current implementation is that
the garbage collector is still single-threaded, and all execution must
stop when GC takes place. This can be a significant bottleneck in a
parallel program, especially if your program does a lot of GC. If this
happens to you, then try reducing the cost of GC by tweaking the GC
settings (<xref linkend="rts-options-gc" />): enlarging the heap or the
allocation area size is a good start.</para>
also run the program without <literal>-N</literal> for
<para>The output of <literal>+RTS -s</literal> tells you how
many &ldquo;sparks&rdquo; were created and executed during the
run of the program (see <xref linkend="rts-options-gc" />), which
will give you an idea how well your <literal>par</literal>
annotations are working.</para>
<para>GHC's parallelism support has improved in 6.12.1 as a
result of much experimentation and tuning in the runtime
system. We'd still be interested to hear how well it works
for you, and we're also interested in collecting parallel
programs to add to our benchmarking suite.</para>
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