Commit f4e54330 authored by Matthías Páll Gissurarson's avatar Matthías Páll Gissurarson Committed by Ben Gamari

Fix the TcLevel not being set correctly when finding valid hole fits

This fixes the problem revealed by a new assert as it relates to valid
hole fits. However, tests `T10384`, `T14040a` and `TcStaticPointersFail02`
still fail the assert, but they are unrelated to valid hole fits.

Reviewers: bgamari, simonpj

Reviewed By: simonpj

Subscribers: simonpj, rwbarton, thomie, carter

GHC Trac Issues: #15384

Differential Revision:

(cherry picked from commit b202e7a4)
parent 26b6ffb3
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ import FV ( fvVarList, fvVarSet, unionFV, mkFVs, FV )
import Control.Arrow ( (&&&) )
import Control.Monad ( filterM, replicateM )
import Data.List ( partition, sort, sortOn, nubBy, foldl' )
import Data.List ( partition, sort, sortOn, nubBy )
import Data.Graph ( graphFromEdges, topSort )
import Data.Function ( on )
......@@ -661,19 +661,17 @@ findValidHoleFits tidy_env implics simples ct | isExprHoleCt ct =
isFlexiTyVar tv | isMetaTyVar tv = isFlexi <$> readMetaTyVar tv
isFlexiTyVar _ = return False
-- Takes a list of free variables and makes sure that the given action
-- is run with the right TcLevel and restores any Flexi type
-- variables after the action is run.
-- Takes a list of free variables and restores any Flexi type variables
-- in free_vars after the action is run.
withoutUnification :: FV -> TcM a -> TcM a
withoutUnification free_vars action
= do { flexis <- filterM isFlexiTyVar fuvs
; result <- setTcLevel deepestFreeTyVarLvl action
; result <- action
-- Reset any mutated free variables
; mapM_ restore flexis
; return result }
where restore = flip writeTcRef Flexi . metaTyVarRef
fuvs = fvVarList free_vars
deepestFreeTyVarLvl = foldl' max topTcLevel $ map tcTyVarLevel fuvs
-- The real work happens here, where we invoke the type checker using
-- tcCheckHoleFit to see whether the given type fits the hole.
......@@ -891,13 +889,25 @@ tcSubsumes ty_a ty_b = fst <$> tcCheckHoleFit emptyBag [] ty_a ty_b
-- free type variables to avoid side-effects.
tcCheckHoleFit :: Cts -- Any relevant Cts to the hole.
-> [Implication] -- The nested implications of the hole
-- with the innermost implication first
-> TcSigmaType -- The type of the hole.
-> TcSigmaType -- The type to check whether fits.
-> TcM (Bool, HsWrapper)
tcCheckHoleFit _ _ hole_ty ty | hole_ty `eqType` ty
= return (True, idHsWrapper)
tcCheckHoleFit relevantCts implics hole_ty ty = discardErrs $
do { (wrp, wanted) <- captureConstraints $ tcSubType_NC ExprSigCtxt ty hole_ty
do { -- We wrap the subtype constraint in the implications to pass along the
-- givens, and so we must ensure that any nested implications and skolems
-- end up with the correct level. The implications are ordered so that
-- the innermost (the one with the highest level) is first, so it
-- suffices to get the level of the first one (or the current level, if
-- there are no implications involved).
innermost_lvl <- case implics of
[] -> getTcLevel
-- imp is the innermost implication
(imp:_) -> return (ic_tclvl imp)
; (wrp, wanted) <- setTcLevel innermost_lvl $ captureConstraints $
tcSubType_NC ExprSigCtxt ty hole_ty
; traceTc "Checking hole fit {" empty
; traceTc "wanteds are: " $ ppr wanted
; if isEmptyWC wanted && isEmptyBag relevantCts
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