Commit fb970193 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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copyFileWithHeader: use binary Handles

Fixes failure when Haddocking Data.Monoid in libraries/base
parent 20633c5b
......@@ -420,12 +420,13 @@ copyWithHeader :: DynFlags -> String -> Maybe String -> FilePath -> FilePath
copyWithHeader dflags purpose maybe_header from to = do
showPass dflags purpose
h <- openFile to WriteMode
ls <- readFile from -- inefficient, but it'll do for now.
-- ToDo: speed up via slurping.
maybe (return ()) (hPutStr h) maybe_header
hPutStr h ls
hClose h
hout <- openBinaryFile to WriteMode
hin <- openBinaryFile from ReadMode
ls <- hGetContents hin -- inefficient, but it'll do for now. ToDo: speed up
maybe (return ()) (hPutStr hout) maybe_header
hPutStr hout ls
hClose hout
hClose hin
getExtraViaCOpts :: DynFlags -> IO [String]
getExtraViaCOpts dflags = do
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