Commit fcf5e656 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Change a sed separator character to make it easier to read

parent f72409f0
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ $1/$2/ $1/$2/inplace-pkg-config $1/$2/build/autogen/cabal_macros.
"$$(GHC_CABAL_INPLACE)" configure --with-ghc="$$($1_$2_HC_CONFIG)" --with-ghc-pkg="$$($1_$2_GHC_PKG)" --with-gcc="$$(WhatGccIsCalled)" --configure-option=--with-cc="$$(WhatGccIsCalled)" $$($1_CONFIGURE_OPTS) $$($1_$2_CONFIGURE_OPTS) -- $2 $1
ifeq "$$($1_$2_PROG)" ""
ifeq "$$(ghc_ge_6102) $$($1_$2_USE_BOOT_LIBS)" "NO YES" # NOTE [1] below
cat $1/$2/inplace-pkg-config | sed "s|^import-dirs:|import-dirs: $(TOP)/$1 $(TOP)/$1/src |" | "$$($1_$2_GHC_PKG)" update --force $$($1_$2_GHC_PKG_OPTS) -
cat $1/$2/inplace-pkg-config | sed "s@^import-dirs:@import-dirs: $(TOP)/$1 $(TOP)/$1/src @" | "$$($1_$2_GHC_PKG)" update --force $$($1_$2_GHC_PKG_OPTS) -
"$$($1_$2_GHC_PKG)" update --force $$($1_$2_GHC_PKG_OPTS) $1/$2/inplace-pkg-config
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