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[project @ 2000-01-25 16:59:30 by sewardj]

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......@@ -4,16 +4,10 @@ Known bugs in nativeGen, 000124 (JRS)
All these bugs are for x86; I don't know about sparc/alpha.
-- argument marshalling for ccall is fundamentally flawed, since
it moves the C stack pointer %esp as it pushes each argument.
Alas, the register allocator spills relative to %esp and
assumes that it doesn't move. Result: if the marshalling code
for a ccall involves any spills, the resulting code will
probably be wrong.
The Right Way to fix this is to copy stuff onto the stack
without moving %esp, then adjust it immediately prior to the
-- absC -> stix translation for GET_TAG and in fact anything
to do with the packed-halfword layout info itbl field is
pretty dubious. I think I have it fixed for big and little
endian 32-bit, but it won't work at all on a 64 bit platform.
-- nofib/spectral/cvh_unboxing exposes some kind of spilling bug
(I think), since there are many references to registers %M229
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