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      FIX #2682: banish silly cases of the "module Foo is not loaded" error · ef03a76a
      Simon Marlow authored
      In GHCi if you say 'import Foo' meaning to load a package module Foo,
      and Foo.hs is found on the search path, then GHCi replies "module Foo
      is not loaded", because it knows Foo refers to the source file rather
      than the package module, and you haven't loaded that module with
      This is consistent with the usual module-finding semantics.  However,
      it isn't particularly useful.  And it leads to silly problems like not
      being able to start GHCi when you happen to be sitting in
      libraries/base, because GHCi thinks the Prelude hasn't been loaded.
      So now I've made a slight change to the way that 'import M' works: if
      M is loaded, then it refers to the loaded module, otherwise it looks
      for a package module M.  This does what the reporter of #2682 wanted,
      and since it turns an error condition into meaningful behaviour it
      can't break anything.  
      The only undesirable consequence is that 'import M' might refer to a
      different M than ':load M'.  Hopefully that won't lead to confusion.
    • Simon Marlow's avatar
      FIX #2500: Don't log warnings in getHeader · a70a6e39
      Simon Marlow authored