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Comments only: document newtypes' DataConWrapId

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......@@ -298,6 +298,24 @@ so the data constructor for T:C had a single argument, namely the
predicate (C a). But now we treat that as an ordinary argument, not
part of the theta-type, so all is well.
Note [Newtype workers]
A newtype does not really have a worker. Instead, newtype constructors
just unfold into a cast. But we need *something* for, say, MkAge to refer
to. So, we do this:
* The Id used as the newtype worker will have a compulsory unfolding to
a cast. See Note [Compulsory newtype unfolding]
* This Id is labeled as a DataConWrapId. We don't want to use a DataConWorkId,
as those have special treatment in the back end.
* There is no top-level binding, because the compulsory unfolding
means that it will be inlined (to a cast) at every call site.
We probably should have a NewtypeWorkId, but these Ids disappear as soon as
we desugar anyway, so it seems a step too far.
Note [Compulsory newtype unfolding]
Newtype wrappers, just like workers, have compulsory unfoldings.
......@@ -447,6 +465,8 @@ mkDataConWorkId :: Name -> DataCon -> Id
mkDataConWorkId wkr_name data_con
| isNewTyCon tycon
= mkGlobalId (DataConWrapId data_con) wkr_name wkr_ty nt_work_info
-- See Note [Newtype workers]
| otherwise
= mkGlobalId (DataConWorkId data_con) wkr_name wkr_ty alg_wkr_info
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