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Fix pretty-printing of IfaceAnyTc (fixes Trac #3883)

The panic message in ifaceTyConName on IfaceAnyTc 
called the pretty-printer, called ifaceTyConName again,
which caused an infinite regress.  Stupid.

 * Note [The Name of an IfaceAnyTc], and 
 * The Outputable instance for IfaceTyCon
parent 7a7fe416
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ data IfaceTyCon -- Abbreviations for common tycons with known names
| IfaceIntTc | IfaceBoolTc | IfaceCharTc
| IfaceListTc | IfacePArrTc
| IfaceTupTc Boxity Arity
| IfaceAnyTc FastString -- Used for AnyTyCon (see Note [Any Types] in TysPrim)
| IfaceAnyTc IfaceKind -- Used for AnyTyCon (see Note [Any Types] in TysPrim)
-- other than 'Any :: *' itself
| IfaceLiftedTypeKindTc | IfaceOpenTypeKindTc | IfaceUnliftedTypeKindTc
| IfaceUbxTupleKindTc | IfaceArgTypeKindTc
......@@ -91,15 +91,16 @@ ifaceTyConName IfaceUnliftedTypeKindTc = unliftedTypeKindTyConName
ifaceTyConName IfaceUbxTupleKindTc = ubxTupleKindTyConName
ifaceTyConName IfaceArgTypeKindTc = argTypeKindTyConName
ifaceTyConName (IfaceTc ext) = ext
ifaceTyConName (IfaceAnyTc kind) = pprPanic "ifaceTyConName" (ppr (IfaceAnyTc kind))
ifaceTyConName (IfaceAnyTc k) = pprPanic "ifaceTyConName" (ppr k)
-- Note [The Name of an IfaceAnyTc]
Note [The Name of an IfaceAnyTc]
It isn't easy to get the Name of an IfaceAnyTc in a pure way. What you
really need to do is to transform it to a TyCon, and get the Name of that.
But doing so needs the monad.
But doing so needs the monad because there's an IfaceKind inside, and we
need a Kind.
In fact, ifaceTyConName is only used for instances and rules, and we don't
expect to instantiate those at these (internal-ish) Any types, so rather
......@@ -254,8 +255,11 @@ instance Outputable IfacePredType where
<+> sep (map pprParendIfaceType ts)
instance Outputable IfaceTyCon where
ppr (IfaceTc ext) = ppr ext
ppr other_tc = ppr (ifaceTyConName other_tc)
ppr (IfaceAnyTc k) = ptext (sLit "Any") <> pprParendIfaceType k
-- We can't easily get the Name of an IfaceAnyTc
-- (see Note [The Name of an IfaceAnyTc])
-- so we fake it. It's only for debug printing!
ppr other_tc = ppr (ifaceTyConName other_tc)
pprIfaceContext :: IfaceContext -> SDoc
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