Commit 1cbfef47 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢
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testsuite: Unbreak galois_raytrace on i386

galois_raytrace was previously broken on i386 due to use of x87
arithmethic on that platform. However,
42504f4a removes x87 support; this
resulted in an unexpected pass. Unmark this test as broken.
parent 3f1022c5
# Floating point differences on x86 using the NCG
if config.platform.startswith('i386-') and \
config.platform != 'i386-unknown-openbsd':
test('galois_raytrace', [extra_files(['CSG.hs', 'Construct.hs', 'Data.hs', 'Eval.hs', 'Geometry.hs', 'Illumination.hs', 'Intersections.hs', 'Interval.hs', 'Main.hs', 'Misc.hs', 'Parse.hs', 'Primitives.hs', 'Surface.hs', 'galois.gml']), test('galois_raytrace', [extra_files(['CSG.hs', 'Construct.hs', 'Data.hs', 'Eval.hs', 'Geometry.hs', 'Illumination.hs', 'Intersections.hs', 'Interval.hs', 'Main.hs', 'Misc.hs', 'Parse.hs', 'Primitives.hs', 'Surface.hs', 'galois.gml']),
when(fast(), skip)], when(fast(), skip)],
multimod_compile_and_run, ['Main', '-package parsec']) multimod_compile_and_run, ['Main', '-package parsec'])
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