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Release notes for GHC 8.4.4

And embarrassingly, the release notes for 8.4.3 weren't included in the ToC.
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.. _release-8-4-4:
Release notes for version 8.4.4
This is a bug-fix release resolving several regressions introduced in 8.4.1.
The highlights, since the 8.4.3 release, are:
- A bug which could result in memory unsafety with certain uses of ``touch#``
has been resolved. (:ghc-ticket:`14346`)
- A compiler panic triggered by some GADT record updates has been fixed
- The ``text`` library has been updated, fixing several serious bugs in the
version shipped with GHC 8.4.3 (see `#227
`#221 <>`_, and `#197
- A serious code generation bug in the LLVM code generation, potentially resulting
in incorrect evaluation of floating point expressions, has been fixed
Full details
In addition to the highlights listed above, this release resolves a number of
other issues, described below.
- A compiler panic triggered by case alternatives matching on invalid tags
returned by ``dataToTag#``, has been fixed (:ghc-ticket:`15436`)
- Package environments can now be explicitly disabled using the new
``-package-env -`` flag. (:ghc-ticket:`13753`)
Runtime system
No changes.
Template Haskell
No changes.
``ghc`` library
No changes.
``base`` library
- Version bumped to to account for the addition of
- Add the ``readFieldHash`` function to ``GHC.Read`` which behaves like
``readField``, but for a field that ends with a ``#`` symbol.
``integer-gmp`` library
No changes.
Build system
No changes.
Included libraries
The package database provided with this distribution also contains a number of
packages other than GHC itself. See the changelogs provided with these packages
for further change information.
.. ghc-package-list::
libraries/array/array.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/base/base.cabal: Core library
libraries/binary/binary.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/bytestring/bytestring.cabal: Deppendency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/Cabal/Cabal/Cabal.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc-pkg`` utility
libraries/containers/containers.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/deepseq/deepseq.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/directory/directory.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/filepath/filepath.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
compiler/ghc.cabal: The compiler itself
libraries/ghci/ghci.cabal: The REPL interface
libraries/ghc-boot/ghc-boot.cabal: Internal compiler library
libraries/ghc-compact/ghc-compact.cabal: Core library
libraries/ghc-prim/ghc-prim.cabal: Core library
libraries/haskeline/haskeline.cabal: Dependency of ``ghci`` executable
libraries/hpc/hpc.cabal: Dependency of ``hpc`` executable
libraries/integer-gmp/integer-gmp.cabal: Core library
libraries/mtl/mtl.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/parsec/parsec.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/process/process.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/template-haskell/template-haskell.cabal: Core library
libraries/text/text.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/time/time.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/transformers/transformers.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/unix/unix.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/Win32/Win32.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/xhtml/xhtml.cabal: Dependency of ``haddock`` executable
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