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Add commnent about binder order

...provoked by Trac #15308
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......@@ -559,9 +559,7 @@ This table summarises the visibility rules:
optional kind applications, thus (T @*), but we have not
yet implemented that
---- Examples of where the different visibilities come from -----
In term declarations:
---- In term declarations ----
* Inferred. Function defn, with no signature: f1 x = x
We infer f1 :: forall {a}. a -> a, with 'a' Inferred
......@@ -592,7 +590,7 @@ In term declarations:
Inferred - from inferred types (e.g. no pattern type signature)
- or from inferred kind polymorphism
In type declarations:
---- In type declarations ----
* Inferred (k)
data T1 a b = MkT1 (a b)
......@@ -621,6 +619,19 @@ In type declarations:
So 'k' is Specified, because it appears explicitly,
but 'k1' is Inferred, because it does not
Generally, in the list of TyConBinders for a TyCon,
* Inferred arguments always come first
* Specified, Anon and Required can be mixed
data Foo (a :: Type) :: forall b. (a -> b -> Type) -> Type where ...
Here Foo's TyConBinders are
[Required 'a', Specified 'b', Anon]
and its kind prints as
Foo :: forall a -> forall b. (a -> b -> Type) -> Type
---- Printing -----
We print forall types with enough syntax to tell you their visibility
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