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......@@ -233,8 +233,14 @@ Note [Uniques of Any]
Although Any(*->*), say, doesn't have a binding site, it still needs
to have a Unique. Unlike tuples (which are also an infinite family)
there is no convenient way to index them, so we use the Unique from
their OccName instead. That should be unique! (But in principle we
must take care: it does not include the module/package.)
their OccName instead. That should be unique,
- both wrt each other, because their strings differ
- and wrt any other Name, because Names get uniques with
various 'char' tags, but the OccName of Any will
get a Unique built with mkTcOccUnique, which has a particular 'char'
tag; see Unique.mkTcOccUnique!
Note [Strangely-kinded void TyCons]
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