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Drop redundant Note

Richard added a much better version of this Note in commit
26e9806a, so I've decided to point
to that instead.
parent 3048a87a
......@@ -1204,7 +1204,7 @@ tcTyVar mode name -- Could be a tyvar, a tycon, or a datacon
-- We cannot promote a data constructor with a context that contains
-- constraints other than equalities, so error if we find one.
-- See Note [Don't promote data constructors with non-equality contexts]
-- See Note [Constraints handled in types] in Inst.
dc_theta_illegal_constraint :: ThetaType -> Maybe PredType
dc_theta_illegal_constraint = find go
......@@ -1378,25 +1378,6 @@ in the e2 example, we'll desugar the type, zonking the kind unification
variables as we go. When we encounter the unconstrained kappa, we
want to default it to '*', not to (Any *).
Note [Don't promote data constructors with non-equality contexts]
With -XTypeInType, one can promote almost any data constructor. There is a
notable exception to this rule, however: data constructors that contain
non-equality constraints, such as:
data Foo a where
MkFoo :: Show a => Foo a
MkFoo cannot be promoted since GHC cannot produce evidence for (Show a) at the
kind level. Therefore, we check the context of each data constructor before
promotion, and give a sensible error message if the context contains an illegal
Note that equality constraints (i.e, (~) and (~~)) /are/
permitted inside data constructor contexts. All other constraints are
off-limits, however (and likely will remain off-limits until dependent types
become a reality in GHC).
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