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Some thoughts on `what happens when'.
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<h2>What Happens When</h2>
Inside the Haskell compiler proper (<code>hsc</code>), a whole series of
stages (``passes'') are executed in order to transform your Haskell program
into C or native code. This process is orchestrated by
<code>main/HscMain.hscMain</code> and its relative
<code>hscReComp</code>. The latter directly invokes, in order,
the parser, the renamer, the typechecker, the desugarer, the
simplifier (Core2Core), the CoreTidy pass, the CorePrep pass,
conversion to STG (CoreToStg), the interface generator
(MkFinalIface), the code generator, and code output. The
simplifier is the most complex of these, and is made up of many
sub-passes. These are controlled by <code>buildCoreToDo</code>,
as described below.
<h2>Scheduling Optimisations Phases</h2>
GHC has a large variety of optimisations at its disposal, many of which
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<!-- hhmts start -->
Last modified: Tue Nov 6 16:08:59 EST 2001
Last modified: Tue Feb 19 11:09:00 UTC 2002
<!-- hhmts end -->
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