Commit 7b2c827b authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones Committed by Marge Bot
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Clarify code added in #17852 and MR !2724
parent 5ba01d83
......@@ -1179,8 +1179,14 @@ mk_absent_let dflags fam_envs arg
-- (for the sake of the "empty case scrutinee not known to
-- diverge for sure lint" warning)
arg_ty = idType arg
-- Normalise the type to have best chance of finding an absent literal
-- e.g. (#17852) data unlifted N = MkN Int#
-- f :: N -> a -> a
-- f _ x = x
(co, nty) = topNormaliseType_maybe fam_envs arg_ty
`orElse` (mkRepReflCo arg_ty, arg_ty)
abs_rhs = mkAbsentErrorApp arg_ty msg
msg = showSDoc (gopt_set dflags Opt_SuppressUniques)
(ppr arg <+> ppr (idType arg))
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