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Document SRT scavenging behavior of scavenge_block() and scavenge_one()

Reviewers: simonmar, bgamari, erikd

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* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
We have two main scavenge functions:
- scavenge_block(bdescr *bd)
- scavenge_one(StgPtr p)
As the names and parameters suggest, first one scavenges a whole block while
the second one only scavenges one object. This however is not the only
difference. scavenge_block scavenges all SRTs while scavenge_one only
scavenges SRTs of stacks. The reason is because scavenge_one is called in two
- When scavenging a mut_list
- When scavenging a large object
We don't have to scavenge SRTs when scavenging a mut_list, because we only
scavenge mut_lists in minor GCs, and static objects are only collected in
major GCs.
However, because scavenge_one is also used to scavenge large objects (which
are scavenged even in major GCs), we need to deal with SRTs of large
objects. We never allocate large FUNs and THUNKs, but we allocate large
STACKs (e.g. in threadStackOverflow), and stack frames can have SRTs. So
scavenge_one skips FUN and THUNK SRTs but scavenges stack frame SRTs.
In summary, in a major GC:
- scavenge_block() scavenges all SRTs
- scavenge_one() scavenges only stack frame SRTs
------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
#include "PosixSource.h"
#include "Rts.h"
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