Commit 9b583320 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢
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testsuite: Mark T13910 as broken in optasm

Due to #16537.
parent 488187f8
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ test('T12742', normal, compile, [''])
# (1) Use -fexternal-interpreter, or
# (2) Build the program twice: once with -dynamic, and then
# with -prof using -osuf to set a different object file suffix.
test('T13910', omit_ways(['profasm']), compile, [''])
test('T13910', [expect_broken_for(16537, ['optasm']), omit_ways(['profasm'])], compile, [''])
test('T13938', [extra_files(['T13938a.hs'])], makefile_test, ['T13938'])
test('T14556', normal, compile, [''])
test('T14720', normal, compile, [''])
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