Commit bb50ecaf authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Remove dead code

parent 7a2b5d0c
......@@ -36,10 +36,6 @@ module TcMType (
expTypeToType, checkingExpType_maybe, checkingExpType,
tauifyExpType, inferResultToType,
-- Creating fresh type variables for pm checking
-- Creating new evidence variables
newEvVar, newEvVars, newDict,
......@@ -777,14 +773,6 @@ See Note [TcLevel assignment] in TcType.
% Generating fresh variables for pattern match check
genInstSkolTyVarsX :: SrcSpan -> TCvSubst -> [TyVar]
-> TcRnIf gbl lcl (TCvSubst, [TcTyVar])
-- Precondition: tyvars should be scoping-ordered
-- see Note [Kind substitution when instantiating]
-- Get the location from the monad; this is a complete freshening operation
genInstSkolTyVarsX loc subst tvs
= instSkolTyCoVarsX (mkTcSkolTyVar topTcLevel loc False) subst tvs
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