Commit c22cb879 authored by Alfredo Di Napoli's avatar Alfredo Di Napoli

Refactor printOrThrowWarnings

parent 9c4fc710
......@@ -55,18 +55,10 @@ shouldPrintWarning _ _
= True
-- | Given a bag of warnings, turn them into an exception if
-- -Werror is enabled, or print them out otherwise.
-- any has 'SevError', or print them out otherwise.
printOrThrowWarnings :: Logger -> DynFlags -> Bag WarnMsg -> IO ()
printOrThrowWarnings logger dflags warns = do
let (make_error, warns') =
(\make_err warn ->
case errMsgSeverity warn of
SevWarning ->
(make_err, warn)
SevError ->
(True, warn))
False warns
if make_error
then throwIO (mkSrcErr warns')
else printBagOfErrors logger dflags warns
printOrThrowWarnings logger dflags warns
| any ((==) SevError . errMsgSeverity) warns
= throwIO (mkSrcErr warns)
| otherwise
= printBagOfErrors logger dflags warns
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