Commit ca88a1b9 authored by Niklas Hambüchen's avatar Niklas Hambüchen Committed by Marge Bot

primops: haddock: Fix typo in referenced function.

Found by @lehins.
parent 9a609620
......@@ -1430,7 +1430,7 @@ primop ShrinkMutableByteArrayOp_Char "shrinkMutableByteArray#" GenPrimOp
MutableByteArray# s -> Int# -> State# s -> State# s
{Shrink mutable byte array to new specified size (in bytes), in
the specified state thread. The new size argument must be less than or
equal to the current size as reported by {\tt sizeofMutableArray\#}.}
equal to the current size as reported by {\tt sizeofMutableByteArray\#}.}
with out_of_line = True
has_side_effects = True
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