Commit d25f3c07 authored by Sergei Trofimovich's avatar Sergei Trofimovich
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users_guide/glasgow_exts.rst: fix link markup

sphinx-1.3.1 found errors as:
    WARNING: malformed hyperlink target.
    WARNING: Inline interpreted text or phrase
    reference start-string without end-string.
Signed-off-by: default avatarSergei Trofimovich <>
parent e7929bac
......@@ -1796,7 +1796,7 @@ In the case of transform comprehensions, notice that the groups are
parameterised over some arbitrary type ``n`` (provided it has an
``fmap``, as well as the comprehension being over an arbitrary monad.
.. _monadfail-desugaring
.. _monadfail-desugaring:
New monadic failure desugaring mechanism
......@@ -10642,7 +10642,7 @@ strict, regardless of the pattern. (We say "apparent" exception because
the Right Way to think of it is that the bang at the top of a binding is
not part of the *pattern*; rather it is part of the syntax of the
*binding*, creating a "bang-pattern binding".) See :ref:`Strict recursive and
polymorphic let bindings <recursive-and-polymorphic-let-bindings> for
polymorphic let bindings <recursive-and-polymorphic-let-bindings>` for
how bang-pattern bindings are compiled.
However, *nested* bangs in a pattern binding behave uniformly with all
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