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[project @ 2002-02-14 15:08:08 by simonpj]

	Undo an earlier hack in postInlineUnconditionally

In an earlier era I made postInlineUnconditionally rather less
aggressive; it didn't inline even trivial things unless they
occurred just once.  THis was a hack designed to avoid rules
unexpectedly not firing.  But now we have much more control
over rules, through the phase numbering stuff, so I can undo the

Well, so I believe.  Manuel, yell if your rules stop working!
parent 98b23d27
......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ import UniqSupply ( uniqsFromSupply, uniqFromSupply, splitUniqSupply,
import FiniteMap
import BasicTypes ( TopLevelFlag, isTopLevel,
import BasicTypes ( TopLevelFlag, isTopLevel, isLoopBreaker,
Activation, isActive, isAlwaysActive,
OccInfo(..), isOneOcc
......@@ -862,16 +862,27 @@ story for now.
postInlineUnconditionally :: SimplEnv -> OutId -> OccInfo -> OutExpr -> Bool
postInlineUnconditionally env bndr occ_info rhs
= exprIsTrivial rhs && active && isOneOcc occ_info
-- We used to have (not loop_breaker && not (isExportedId bndr))
-- instead of (isOneOcc occ_info). Indeed, you might suppose that
= exprIsTrivial rhs
&& active
&& not (isLoopBreaker occ_info)
&& not (isExportedId bndr)
-- We used to have (isOneOcc occ_info) instead of
-- not (isLoopBreaker occ_info) && not (isExportedId bndr)
-- That was because a rather fragile use of rules got confused
-- if you inlined even a binding f=g e.g. We used to have
-- map = mapList
-- But now a more precise use of phases has eliminated this problem,
-- so the is_active test will do the job. I think.
-- OLD COMMENT: (delete soon)
-- Indeed, you might suppose that
-- there is nothing wrong with substituting for a trivial RHS, even
-- if it occurs many times. But consider
-- x = y
-- h = _inline_me_ (...x...)
-- Here we do *not* want to have x inlined, even though the RHS is
-- trivial, becuase the contract for an INLINE pragma is "no inlining".
-- This is important in the rules for the Prelude (e.g. PrelEnum.eftInt).
-- This is important in the rules for the Prelude
active = case getMode env of
SimplGently -> isAlwaysActive prag
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