Commit f3e08050 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Fix a recompilation checking bug when a package dependency changes

We weren't forcing enough recompilationg when package dependencies
changed, with the result that bumping a package version could lead to
linking failures or other problems later.

The problem/solutation are described on the wiki:
parent 2936ede2
......@@ -512,7 +512,12 @@ addFingerprints hsc_env mb_old_fingerprint iface0 new_decls
-- the export list hash doesn't depend on the fingerprints of
-- the Names it mentions, only the Names themselves, hence putNameLiterally.
export_hash <- computeFingerprint dflags putNameLiterally
(mi_exports iface0, orphan_hash, dep_orphan_hashes)
(mi_exports iface0,
dep_pkgs (mi_deps iface0))
-- dep_pkgs: see "Package Version Changes" on
-- wiki/Commentary/Compiler/RecompilationAvoidance
-- put the declarations in a canonical order, sorted by OccName
let sorted_decls = eltsFM $ listToFM $
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