1. 04 Dec, 2015 8 commits
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      Check: More Clang/CPP wibbles · befc4e4c
      Ben Gamari authored
    • Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar
      Use builtin ISO 8859-1 decoder in mkTextEncoding · 36a208f4
      Herbert Valerio Riedel authored
      We already do this for UTF8/16/32, so it seems obvious do the same
      for the closely related popular ISO 8859-1 encoding, and avoid iconv
      issues on some platforms (such as AIX which which bundles a broken
      `libiconv` by default)
      This fixes #11096
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      PmExpr: Fix CPP unacceptable too clang's CPP · d40f5b78
      Ben Gamari authored
    • Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar
      On AIX we need -D_BSD defined in <Stg.h> · 6ef351df
      Herbert Valerio Riedel authored
      As otherwise <math.h> includes <stdlib.h> which breaks compilation
      of .hc files
    • Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar
      RTS: Rename InCall.stat struct field to .rstat · cd9f3bf9
      Herbert Valerio Riedel authored
      On AIX, C system headers can redirect the token `stat` via
          #define stat stat64
      to provide large-file support. Simply avoiding the use of `stat` as an
      identifier eschews macro-replacement.
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1566
    • Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar
      Use Autoconf's AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS · 7af29da0
      Herbert Valerio Riedel authored
      This takes care of setting feature test macros (i.e. let Autoconf decide when
      those can be set safely) to allow subsequent Autoconf tests to better detect
      available OS features.
      This also includes a submodule update of unix which enables the use of
      `AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS` in there as well.
      Specifically, this takes care of setting `_GNU_SOURCE` (which allows to remove
      two occurences where it's set manually) and `_ALL_SOURCE` (which fixes issues
      on AIX).
      See also
      for details.
      At some point we may want to reconsider the purpose of "rts/PosixSource.h" and
      rely more on Autoconf instead.
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    • Georgios Karachalias's avatar
      Improve performance for PM check on literals (Fixes #11160 and #11161) · ae4398d6
      Georgios Karachalias authored
      Two changes:
      1. Instead of generating constraints of the form (x ~ e) (as we do in
      the paper), generate constraints of the form (e ~ e). The term oracle
      (`tmOracle` in deSugar/TmOracle.hs) is not really efficient and in the
      presence of many (x ~ e) constraints behaves quadratically. For
      literals, constraints of the form (False ~ (x ~ lit)) are pretty common,
      so if we start with { y ~ False, y ~ (x ~ lit) } we end up givng to the
      solver (a) twice as many constraints as we need and (b) half of them
      trigger the solver's weakness. This fixes #11160.
      2. Treat two overloaded literals that look different as different. This
      is not entirely correct but it is what both the previous and the current
      check did. I had the ambitious plan to do the *right thing* (equality
      between overloaded literals is undecidable in the general case) and just
      use this assumption when issuing the warnings. It seems to generate much
      more constraints than I expected (breaks #11161) so I just do it
      immediately now instead of generating everything and filtering
      Even if it is not (strictly speaking) correct, we have the following:
        * Gives the "expected" warnings (the ones Ocaml or the previous
          algorithm would give) and,
        * Most importantly, it is safe. Unless a catch-all clause exists, a
          match against literals is always non-exhaustive. So, effectively
          this affects only what is shown to the user (and, evidently,
  2. 03 Dec, 2015 9 commits
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      Bump hoopl submodule · 40fc3536
      Ben Gamari authored
      To fix redundant patterns.
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      Update test output · 934b3a06
      Ben Gamari authored
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      Kill redundant patterns · 0dd61fe7
      Ben Gamari authored
      George's new exhaustiveness checker now realizes these are impossible.
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      Fix haddock syntax · 7b29b0b1
      Ben Gamari authored
      Sadly we can't annotate the elements of a tuple
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      Revert "Create empty dump files when there was nothing to dump" · c5597bb6
      Ben Gamari authored
      This reverts commit 8cba907a which
      broke `-ddump-to-file`.
    • Sergei Trofimovich's avatar
      extending_ghc.rst: fix broken link (Trac #10950) · a034031a
      Sergei Trofimovich authored
      The error exibits as build failures
      of two types:
        1. extending_ghc.rst:: ERROR:
            Anonymous hyperlink mismatch:
              1 references but 0 targets.
            See "backrefs" attribute for IDs.
        2. reading sources... [ 33%] glasgow_exts
             Exception occurred:
                pickle.dump(doctree, f, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)
             RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded
             while pickling an object
      Broken link created circular reference and failed to
      serialize the result.
      Fixed the problem by pointing to relevant section.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSergei Trofimovich <siarheit@google.com>
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    • Georgios Karachalias's avatar
      Major Overhaul of Pattern Match Checking (Fixes #595) · 8a506104
      Georgios Karachalias authored
      This patch adresses several problems concerned with exhaustiveness and
      redundancy checking of pattern matching. The list of improvements includes:
      * Making the check type-aware (handles GADTs, Type Families, DataKinds, etc.).
        This fixes #4139, #3927, #8970 and other related tickets.
      * Making the check laziness-aware. Cases that are overlapped but affect
        evaluation are issued now with "Patterns have inaccessible right hand side".
        Additionally, "Patterns are overlapped" is now replaced by "Patterns are
      * Improved messages for literals. This addresses tickets #5724, #2204, etc.
      * Improved reasoning concerning cases where simple and overloaded
        patterns are matched (See #322).
      * Substantially improved reasoning for pattern guards. Addresses #3078.
      * OverloadedLists extension does not break exhaustiveness checking anymore
        (addresses #9951). Note that in general this cannot be handled but if we know
        that an argument has type '[a]', we treat it as a list since, the instance of
        'IsList' gives the identity for both 'fromList' and 'toList'. If the type is
        not clear or is not the list type, then the check cannot do much still. I am
        a bit concerned about OverlappingInstances though, since one may override the
        '[a]' instance with e.g. an '[Int]' instance that is not the identity.
      * Improved reasoning for nested pattern matching (partial solution). Now we
        propagate type and (some) term constraints deeper when checking, so we can
        detect more inconsistencies. For example, this is needed for #4139.
      I am still not satisfied with several things but I would like to address at
      least the following before the next release:
          Term constraints are too many and not printed for non-exhaustive matches
      (with the exception of literals). This sometimes results in two identical (in
      appearance) uncovered warnings. Unless we actually show their difference, I
      would like to have a single warning.
    • Sergei Trofimovich's avatar
      users_guide/glasgow_exts.rst: fix link markup · d25f3c07
      Sergei Trofimovich authored
      sphinx-1.3.1 found errors as:
          WARNING: malformed hyperlink target.
          WARNING: Inline interpreted text or phrase
          reference start-string without end-string.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarSergei Trofimovich <siarheit@google.com>
  3. 02 Dec, 2015 12 commits
  4. 01 Dec, 2015 7 commits
    • Simon Peyton Jones's avatar
      Refactor treatment of wildcards · 1e041b73
      Simon Peyton Jones authored and Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari committed
      This patch began as a modest refactoring of HsType and friends, to
      clarify and tidy up exactly where quantification takes place in types.
      Although initially driven by making the implementation of wildcards more
      tidy (and fixing a number of bugs), I gradually got drawn into a pretty
      big process, which I've been doing on and off for quite a long time.
      There is one compiler performance regression as a result of all
      this, in perf/compiler/T3064.  I still need to look into that.
      * The principal driving change is described in Note [HsType binders]
        in HsType.  Well worth reading!
      * Those data type changes drive almost everything else.  In particular
        we now statically know where
             (a) implicit quantification only (LHsSigType),
                 e.g. in instance declaratios and SPECIALISE signatures
             (b) implicit quantification and wildcards (LHsSigWcType)
                 can appear, e.g. in function type signatures
      * As part of this change, HsForAllTy is (a) simplified (no wildcards)
        and (b) split into HsForAllTy and HsQualTy.  The two contructors
        appear when and only when the correponding user-level construct
        appears.  Again see Note [HsType binders].
        HsExplicitFlag disappears altogether.
      * Other simplifications
           - ExprWithTySig no longer needs an ExprWithTySigOut variant
           - TypeSig no longer needs a PostRn name [name] field
             for wildcards
           - PatSynSig records a LHsSigType rather than the decomposed
           - The mysterious 'GenericSig' is now 'ClassOpSig'
      * Renamed LHsTyVarBndrs to LHsQTyVars
      * There are some uninteresting knock-on changes in Haddock,
        because of the HsSyn changes
      I also did a bunch of loosely-related changes:
      * We already had type synonyms CoercionN/CoercionR for nominal and
        representational coercions.  I've added similar treatment for
        All just type synonyms but jolly useful.
      * I record-ised ForeignImport and ForeignExport
      * I improved the (poor) fix to Trac #10896, by making
        TcTyClsDecls.checkValidTyCl recover from errors, but adding a
        harmless, abstract TyCon to the envt if so.
      * I did some significant refactoring in RnEnv.lookupSubBndrOcc,
        for reasons that I have (embarrassingly) now totally forgotten.
        It had to do with something to do with import and export
      Updates haddock submodule.
    • Bartosz Nitka's avatar
      Make the determinism tests more robust · b432e2f3
      Bartosz Nitka authored
      The tests weren't explicit enough about comparing under different
      unique allocation strategies. This led to some confusion on my part when
      I started overriding flags in `testsuite/mk/test.mk`.
      Includes a `.gitignore` rule.
      Test Plan: harbormaster
      Reviewers: austin, simonmar, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1555
    • Gabor Greif's avatar
      Fix warning about unused pattern variable · 44c3e376
      Gabor Greif authored
    • Gabor Greif's avatar
      Remove duplicated line · 36c12478
      Gabor Greif authored
    • Bartosz Nitka's avatar
      Fix grammar and typo in TcTyDecls · 6dce643d
      Bartosz Nitka authored
      Summary: It's just a docufix.
      Test Plan: just a docufix
      Reviewers: austin, bgamari
      Reviewed By: bgamari
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1550
    • thomie's avatar
      Build system: Add stage specific SRC_HC_(WARNING_)OPTS · 14d0f7f1
      thomie authored and Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar Herbert Valerio Riedel committed
      * Add stage specific versions of SRC_HC_OPTS. These are currently only
        used for -Werror. The previous combination of GhcStage2HcOpts and
        GhcLibHcOpts didn't apply to utils/*.
      * Add stage specific versions of SRC_HC_WARNING_OPTS. These will later be
        used for new warning supression flags that should not be passed to the
        bootstrap compiler.
      * Move -Wall (and -Werror) related code back to mk/warnings.mk, where it
        was before 987d5427. Now all warning related code is nicely together.
        Include mk/warnings.mk after mk/custom-settings.mk to make this work.
      Reviewed By: bgamari, hvr
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1536
    • Ömer Sinan Ağacan's avatar
      MkId: Typos in comments · afb72139
      Ömer Sinan Ağacan authored
  5. 29 Nov, 2015 4 commits
    • quchen's avatar
      Implement warnings for Semigroups as parent of Monoid · 290def72
      quchen authored and Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari committed
      This patch is similar to the AMP patch (#8004), which offered two
        1. Warn when an instance of a class has been given, but the type does
           not have a certain superclass instance
        2. Warn when top-level definitions conflict with future Prelude names
      These warnings are issued as part of the new `-Wcompat` warning group.
      Reviewers: hvr, ekmett, austin, bgamari
      Reviewed By: hvr, ekmett, bgamari
      Subscribers: ekmett, thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1539
      GHC Trac Issues: #11139
    • Ömer Sinan Ağacan's avatar
      Some improvements on CoreToDos passed to plugins · bcd55a94
      Ömer Sinan Ağacan authored and Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari committed
      This patch does two improvements:
      - We now show ToDos in `CoreDoPasses`. This is pretty important,
        otherwise `CoreDoPasses` makes debugging impossible in some cases.
      - Before running ToDos we run a cleanup pass on ToDos to remove
        `CoreDoNothing`s and flatten `CoreDoPasses`. This removes a lot of
        noise from `[CoreToDo]` argument passed to plugins.
      Reviewers: simonpj, bgamari, austin
      Reviewed By: bgamari, austin
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1548
    • Ben Gamari's avatar
      ghci: Refactor handling of :show · f101a822
      Ben Gamari authored and Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari committed
      In so doing ensure that the help text can't fall out of sync with the
      Test Plan: Validate and play in ghci
      Reviewers: austin, thomie
      Reviewed By: austin, thomie
      Subscribers: thomie
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1538
      GHC Trac Issues: #11111
    • Herbert Valerio Riedel's avatar
      Remove redundant `#if`s · 58972131
      Herbert Valerio Riedel authored
      `#if __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ > xxx` macros make little sense inside `base`
      Reviewed By: austin
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1541