Commit b9acf060 authored by Siddharth Bhat's avatar Siddharth Bhat
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Make printer untag when chasing a pointer in a RET_FUN frame

This is to mimic what `Scav.c` does. This should fix a crash in
the printer.
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......@@ -612,7 +612,7 @@ printStackChunk( StgPtr sp, StgPtr spBottom )
StgRetFun *ret_fun;
ret_fun = (StgRetFun *)sp;
fun_info = get_fun_itbl(ret_fun->fun);
fun_info = get_fun_itbl(UNTAG_CLOSURE(ret_fun->fun));
debugBelch("RET_FUN (%p) (type=%d)\n", ret_fun->fun, (int)fun_info->f.fun_type);
switch (fun_info->f.fun_type) {
case ARG_GEN:
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