Commit 6a16aa33 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Make PersistentLinkerState fields strict; fixes #4208

We modify fields a lot, so we retain the old value if they aren't forced.
parent 7720e150
......@@ -103,18 +103,18 @@ data PersistentLinkerState
-- When a new Unlinked is linked into the running image, or an existing
-- module in the image is replaced, the itbl_env must be updated
-- appropriately.
itbl_env :: ItblEnv,
itbl_env :: !ItblEnv,
-- The currently loaded interpreted modules (home package)
bcos_loaded :: [Linkable],
bcos_loaded :: ![Linkable],
-- And the currently-loaded compiled modules (home package)
objs_loaded :: [Linkable],
objs_loaded :: ![Linkable],
-- The currently-loaded packages; always object code
-- Held, as usual, in dependency order; though I am not sure if
-- that is really important
pkgs_loaded :: [PackageId]
pkgs_loaded :: ![PackageId]
emptyPLS :: DynFlags -> PersistentLinkerState
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