Commit fd9f6472 authored by Antonio Nikishaev's avatar Antonio Nikishaev 💬
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Fix numeric escape sequences parsing

This fixes trac bug #1344
parent 2d020b84
......@@ -1349,11 +1349,13 @@ readNum2 is_digit base conv i = do
where read i input = do
case alexGetChar' input of
Just (c,input') | is_digit c -> do
read (i*base + conv c) input'
let i' = i*base + conv c
if i' > 0x10ffff
then setInput input >> lexError "numeric escape sequence out of range"
else read i' input'
_other -> do
if i >= 0 && i <= 0x10FFFF
then do setInput input; return (chr i)
else lit_error input
setInput input; return (chr i)
silly_escape_chars :: [(String, Char)]
silly_escape_chars = [
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