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# binary distribution tar balls
# *UNSUPPORTED* bindist of GHC with interactive frontend support
## Note
This repository hosts binary distribution tar balls compiled from
this experimental branch of GHC:
this is not supported at all, just for easy try-outs, use at your own risk.
## Lack of Support
GHC installation by tar balls from this repository is meant for
quick try-outs to see if it happens work for one's environment,
and is supported by NO party.
One is encouraged to compile from soure to use GHC with the
experimental feature included, so can use standard support of
If you are sure to have encountered problems specific to the
interactive frontent feature, file an issue at
and let's see what can be done.
## Building Environment
The binaries here for macOS is built on Mojave, for Linux is
built on Ubuntu 18.04.
## Maintanence
This repository does NOT accept MRs, if you'd like to host more
bindist tar balls for the interactive frontend branch, please do
that from your own repository.
## Usage
Put the following content into your project's `stack.yaml`:
ghc-variant: ife
url: ""
Then you setup & build your project normally.
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