1. 28 Sep, 2021 11 commits
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      Remove outdated note about pragma layout · 62b4a89b
      taylorfausak authored
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      ci: Increase default verbosity level to `-V` (Verbose) · 66c85e2e
      Matthew Pickering authored
      Given the previous commit, `-V` allows us to see some useful information
      in CI (such as the call stack on failure) which normally people don't
      want to see.
      As a result the $VERBOSE variable now tweaks the diagnostic level one
      level higher (to Diagnostic), which produces a lot of output.
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      hadrian: Rework the verbosity levels · 28963690
      Matthew Pickering authored
      Before we really only had two verbosity levels, normal and verbose.
      There are now three levels:
      Normal: Commands show stderr (no stdout) and minimal build failure messages.
      Verbose (-V): Commands also show stdout, build failure message contains
                    callstack and additional information
      Diagnostic (-VV): Very verbose output showing all command lines and passing -v3 to cabal commands.
      -V is similar to the default verbosity from before (but a little more
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      hadrian: Reduce default verbosity · 1935c42f
      Matthew Pickering authored
      This change reduces the default verbosity of error messages to omit the
      stack trace information from the printed output.
      For example, before all errors would have a long call trace:
      Error when running Shake build system:
        at action, called at src/Rules.hs:39:19 in main:Rules
        at need, called at src/Rules.hs:61:5 in main:Rules
      * Depends on: _build/stage1/lib/package.conf.d/ghc-9.3.conf
      * Depends on: _build/stage1/compiler/build/libHSghc-9.3.a
      * Depends on: _build/stage1/compiler/build/GHC/Tc/Solver/Rewrite.o
      * Depends on: _build/stage1/compiler/build/GHC/Tc/Solver/Rewrite.o _build/stage1/compiler/build/GHC/Tc/Solver/Rewrite.hi
        at cmd', called at src/Builder.hs:330:23 in main:Builder
        at cmd, called at src/Builder.hs:432:8 in main:Builder
      * Raised the exception:
      Which can be useful but it confusing for GHC rather than hadrian
      Ticket #20386
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      Add `-dsuppress-core-sizes` flag (#20342) · 45a674aa
      Sylvain Henry authored
      This flag is used to remove the output of core stats per binding in Core
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      driver: Fix Ctrl-C handling with -j1 · e38facf8
      Matthew Pickering authored
      Even in -j1 we now fork all the work into it's own thread so that Ctrl-C
      exceptions are thrown on the main thread, which is blocked waiting for
      the work thread to finish. The default exception handler then picks up
      Ctrl-C exception and the dangling thread is killed.
      Fixes #20292
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      Remove NoGhcTc usage from HsMatchContext · 0da019be
      Artyom Kuznetsov authored
      NoGhcTc is removed from HsMatchContext. As a result of this,
      HsMatchContext GhcTc is now a valid type that has Id in it,
      instead of Name and tcMatchesFun now takes Id instead of Name.
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