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Delete obsolete docs on GADT interacton with TypeApplications

Even since ef26182e, this section of
the users' guide is wrong, as there are no longer special rules for
the order of type variables in GADT constructors' type signatures
vis-à-vis visible type application. As a result, this section can
simply be deleted, as there is no longer anything interesting to say
about the topic.
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......@@ -10125,22 +10125,6 @@ Here are the details:
if you want the most accurate information with respect to visible type
application properties.
- Data constructors declared with GADT syntax follow different rules
for the time being; it is expected that these will be brought in line
with other declarations in the future. The rules for GADT
data constructors are as follows:
* All kind and type variables are considered specified and available for
visible type application.
* Universal variables always come first, in precisely the order they
appear in the type declaration. Universal variables that are
constrained by a GADT return type are not included in the data constructor.
* Existential variables come next. Their order is determined by a user-
written `forall`; or, if there is none, by taking the left-to-right order
in the data constructor's type and doing a stable topological sort.
.. _implicit-parameters:
Implicit parameters
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