Commit 32f24ddf authored by tibbe's avatar tibbe Committed by Ian Lynagh
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Output ELF .size directives for functions

This allows tools like Linux's perf events to display symbol names for
CMM primops.
parent 7aa15ca8
......@@ -87,7 +87,17 @@ pprNatCmmTop (CmmProc info lbl (ListGraph blocks)) =
<+> pprCLabel_asm (mkDeadStripPreventer $ entryLblToInfoLbl lbl)
else empty
$$ pprSizeDecl (if null info then lbl else entryLblToInfoLbl lbl)
-- | Output the ELF .size directive.
pprSizeDecl :: CLabel -> Doc
#if elf_OBJ_FORMAT
pprSizeDecl lbl =
ptext (sLit "\t.size") <+> pprCLabel_asm lbl
<> ptext (sLit ", .-") <> pprCLabel_asm lbl
pprSizeDecl _ = empty
pprBasicBlock :: NatBasicBlock Instr -> Doc
pprBasicBlock (BasicBlock blockid instrs) =
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