Commit 6490ea6d authored by dterei's avatar dterei
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Formatting wibble in GhcMake.hs

parent bba81622
......@@ -1405,17 +1405,14 @@ preprocessFile hsc_env src_fn mb_phase Nothing
preprocessFile hsc_env src_fn mb_phase (Just (buf, _time))
= do
let dflags = hsc_dflags hsc_env
-- case we bypass the preprocessing stage?
local_opts = getOptions dflags buf src_fn
let local_opts = getOptions dflags buf src_fn
(dflags', leftovers, warns)
<- parseDynamicNoPackageFlags dflags local_opts
checkProcessArgsResult leftovers
handleFlagWarnings dflags' warns
let needs_preprocessing
| Just (Unlit _) <- mb_phase = True
| Nothing <- mb_phase, Unlit _ <- startPhase src_fn = True
-- note: local_opts is only required if there's no Unlit phase
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