Commit f337a208 authored by Ryan Scott's avatar Ryan Scott
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Simply Data instance context for AmbiguousFieldOcc

The current, verbose instance context can be compacted into
`DataId pass`. Indeed, that's what most of the `Data` instances
in this module already do, so this just makes things consistent.
parent f1d2db68
......@@ -1129,10 +1129,7 @@ mkFieldOcc rdr = FieldOcc rdr PlaceHolder
data AmbiguousFieldOcc pass
= Unambiguous (Located RdrName) (PostRn pass (IdP pass))
| Ambiguous (Located RdrName) (PostTc pass (IdP pass))
deriving instance ( Data pass
, Data (PostTc pass (IdP pass))
, Data (PostRn pass (IdP pass)))
=> Data (AmbiguousFieldOcc pass)
deriving instance DataId pass => Data (AmbiguousFieldOcc pass)
instance Outputable (AmbiguousFieldOcc pass) where
ppr = ppr . rdrNameAmbiguousFieldOcc
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