Commit 0c9c303f authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj

[project @ 2002-10-01 09:55:38 by simonpj]

Better derived Ord code
parent c9cb3dfd
......@@ -319,55 +319,39 @@ gen_Ord_binds tycon
tycon_loc = getSrcLoc tycon
compare = mk_easy_FunMonoBind tycon_loc compare_RDR
[a_Pat, b_Pat]
(if maybeToBool (maybeTyConSingleCon tycon) then
-- cmp_eq_Expr ltTag_Expr eqTag_Expr gtTag_Expr a_Expr b_Expr
-- Weird. Was: case (cmp a b) of { LT -> LT; EQ -> EQ; GT -> GT }
cmp_eq_Expr a_Expr b_Expr
untag_Expr tycon [(a_RDR, ah_RDR), (b_RDR, bh_RDR)]
[a_Pat, b_Pat] [cmp_eq] compare_rhs
| single_con_type = cmp_eq_Expr a_Expr b_Expr
| otherwise
= untag_Expr tycon [(a_RDR, ah_RDR), (b_RDR, bh_RDR)]
(cmp_tags_Expr eqInt_RDR ah_RDR bh_RDR
-- True case; they are equal
-- If an enumeration type we are done; else
-- recursively compare their components
(if isEnumerationTyCon tycon then
-- cmp_eq_Expr ltTag_Expr eqTag_Expr gtTag_Expr a_Expr b_Expr
-- Ditto
cmp_eq_Expr a_Expr b_Expr
(cmp_eq_Expr a_Expr b_Expr) -- True case
-- False case; they aren't equal
-- So we need to do a less-than comparison on the tags
(cmp_tags_Expr ltInt_RDR ah_RDR bh_RDR ltTag_Expr gtTag_Expr)))
(cmp_tags_Expr ltInt_RDR ah_RDR bh_RDR ltTag_Expr gtTag_Expr))
tycon_data_cons = tyConDataCons tycon
single_con_type = isSingleton tycon_data_cons
(nullary_cons, nonnullary_cons)
| isNewTyCon tycon = ([], tyConDataCons tycon)
| otherwise = partition isNullaryDataCon tycon_data_cons
cmp_eq =
mk_FunMonoBind tycon_loc
(if null nonnullary_cons && isSingleton nullary_cons then
-- catch this specially to avoid warnings
-- about overlapping patterns from the desugarer.
data_con = head nullary_cons
data_con_RDR = getRdrName data_con
pat = mkNullaryConPat data_con_RDR
[([pat,pat], eqTag_Expr)]
map pats_etc nonnullary_cons ++
-- leave out wildcards to silence desugarer.
(if isSingleton tycon_data_cons then
[([wildPat, wildPat], default_rhs)]))
cmp_eq = mk_FunMonoBind tycon_loc cmp_eq_RDR cmp_eq_match
| isEnumerationTyCon tycon
-- We know the tags are equal, so if it's an enumeration TyCon,
-- then there is nothing left to do
-- Catch this specially to avoid warnings
-- about overlapping patterns from the desugarer,
-- and to avoid unnecessary pattern-matching
= [([wildPat,wildPat], eqTag_Expr)]
| otherwise
= map pats_etc nonnullary_cons ++
(if single_con_type then -- Omit wildcards when there's just one
[] -- constructor, to silence desugarer
[([wildPat, wildPat], default_rhs)])
pats_etc data_con
= ([con1_pat, con2_pat],
......@@ -383,11 +367,11 @@ gen_Ord_binds tycon
tys_needed = dataConOrigArgTys data_con
nested_compare_expr [ty] [a] [b]
= careful_compare_Case ty ltTag_Expr eqTag_Expr gtTag_Expr (HsVar a) (HsVar b)
= careful_compare_Case ty eqTag_Expr (HsVar a) (HsVar b)
nested_compare_expr (ty:tys) (a:as) (b:bs)
= let eq_expr = nested_compare_expr tys as bs
in careful_compare_Case ty ltTag_Expr eq_expr gtTag_Expr (HsVar a) (HsVar b)
in careful_compare_Case ty eq_expr (HsVar a) (HsVar b)
default_rhs | null nullary_cons = impossible_Expr -- Keep desugarer from complaining about
-- inexhaustive patterns
......@@ -1145,34 +1129,35 @@ ToDo: Better SrcLocs.
compare_gen_Case ::
-> RdrNameHsExpr -> RdrNameHsExpr -> RdrNameHsExpr
RdrNameHsExpr -- What to do for equality
-> RdrNameHsExpr -> RdrNameHsExpr
-> RdrNameHsExpr
careful_compare_Case :: -- checks for primitive types...
-> RdrNameHsExpr -> RdrNameHsExpr -> RdrNameHsExpr
-> RdrNameHsExpr -- What to do for equality
-> RdrNameHsExpr -> RdrNameHsExpr
-> RdrNameHsExpr
cmp_eq_Expr a b = HsApp (HsApp (HsVar cmp_eq_RDR) a) b
-- Was: compare_gen_Case cmp_eq_RDR
compare_gen_Case fun lt eq gt a b
= HsCase (HsPar (HsApp (HsApp (HsVar fun) a) b)) {-of-}
[mkSimpleMatch [mkNullaryConPat ltTag_RDR] lt placeHolderType generatedSrcLoc,
compare_gen_Case (HsVar eq_tag) a b | eq_tag == eqTag_RDR
= HsApp (HsApp (HsVar compare_RDR) a) b -- Simple case
compare_gen_Case eq a b -- General case
= HsCase (HsPar (HsApp (HsApp (HsVar compare_RDR) a) b)) {-of-}
[mkSimpleMatch [mkNullaryConPat ltTag_RDR] ltTag_Expr placeHolderType generatedSrcLoc,
mkSimpleMatch [mkNullaryConPat eqTag_RDR] eq placeHolderType generatedSrcLoc,
mkSimpleMatch [mkNullaryConPat gtTag_RDR] gt placeHolderType generatedSrcLoc]
mkSimpleMatch [mkNullaryConPat gtTag_RDR] gtTag_Expr placeHolderType generatedSrcLoc]
careful_compare_Case ty lt eq gt a b
careful_compare_Case ty eq a b
| not (isUnLiftedType ty) =
compare_gen_Case compare_RDR lt eq gt a b
compare_gen_Case eq a b
| otherwise =
-- we have to do something special for primitive things...
HsIf (genOpApp a relevant_eq_op b)
(HsIf (genOpApp a relevant_lt_op b) lt gt generatedSrcLoc)
(HsIf (genOpApp a relevant_lt_op b) ltTag_Expr gtTag_Expr generatedSrcLoc)
relevant_eq_op = assoc_ty_id eq_op_tbl ty
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