Commit 1b374402 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari Committed by Ben Gamari
Browse files Add bzip, gzip, and xz executable names to be overridden

Reviewers: austin, hvr, erikd

Reviewed By: erikd

Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, erikd, snowleopard

Differential Revision:
parent adf27d61
......@@ -702,6 +702,11 @@ dnl ** check for tar
dnl if GNU tar is named gtar, look for it first.
AC_PATH_PROGS(TarCmd,gnutar gtar tar,tar)
dnl ** check for compressors
AC_PATH_PROGS(Bzip2Cmd,bzip2, bzip2)
AC_PATH_PROGS(GzipCmd,gzip, gzip)
AC_PATH_PROGS(XzCmd,pxz xz, xz)
dnl ** check for patch
dnl if GNU patch is named gpatch, look for it first
AC_PATH_PROGS(PatchCmd,gpatch patch, patch)
......@@ -789,9 +789,9 @@ STRIP_CMD = strip
PATCH_CMD = @PatchCmd@
TAR_CMD = @TarCmd@
BZIP2_CMD = bzip2
GZIP_CMD = gzip
XZ_CMD = xz
BZIP2_CMD = @Bzip2Cmd@
GZIP_CMD = @GzipCmd@
XZ_CMD = @XzCmd@
# xz is default compression
TAR_COMP ?= xz
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