Commit 2caf4c69 authored by simonm's avatar simonm
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[project @ 1997-12-04 12:18:41 by simonm]

add lengthy comment about recursive makes and failure.
parent 86a7358f
......@@ -1004,6 +1004,18 @@ endif # if way
# No ways, so iterate over the SUBDIRS
# note about recursively invoking make: we'd like make to drop all the
# way back to the top level if it fails in any of the
# sub(sub-...)directories. This is done by setting the -e flag to the
# shell during the loop, which causes an immediate failure if any of
# the shell commands fail.
# One exception: if the user gave the -i or -k flag to make in the
# first place, we'd like to reverse this behaviour. So we check for
# these flags, and set the -e flag appropriately. NOTE: watch out for
# the --no-print-directory flag which is passed to recursive
# invocations of make.
ifeq "$(way)" ""
ifneq "$(SUBDIRS)" ""
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