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gadt: slighly changed error msg with equalities

parent 6c949914
Could not deduce (Ord a2) from the context ()
Could not deduce (Ord a1) from the context (a ~ Set a1)
arising from a use of `f' at gadt21.hs:21:59-61
Possible fix:
add (Ord a2) to the context of the constructor `TypeSet'
add (Ord a1) to the context of the constructor `TypeSet'
In the first argument of `Just', namely `(f e)'
In the expression: Just (f e)
In the definition of `withOrdDynExpr':
withOrdDynExpr (DynExpr (e@(Const (TypeSet _) _))) f = Just (f e)
withOrdDynExpr (DynExpr (e@(Const (TypeSet _) _))) f = Just (f e)
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