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[project @ 1997-12-22 11:42:36 by simonm]

add a few more change notes.
parent ebfe11e7
......@@ -32,9 +32,18 @@ Happy.
\item add some suffix rules for SGML, we can use SGML-Tools for
documentation now.
\item added an new manual for Happy, in SGML format.
\item added the GHC/Hugs extension library documentation as a separate
document, and removed that information from the Users' Guide.
\item Fixed a bug where ':::' wasn't being parsed properly in interface files.
\item Fixed a long-standing bug in the strictness analyser.
\item Fixed the cause of the @getWorkerIdAndCons@ panic.
\item Moved the array tests from ghc/lib into the test framework.
ghc/lib/tests now doesn't exist.
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